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Janelle is the creative genius here. She actually had the hook made some 25 years ago, somewhere sailing around the Caribbean. After receiving endless compliments on her hook, she decided it was time to start making the hooks. So with a little modification, we have her hook in gold and silver, in two sizes available. The website is ready and we are all excited, except Janelle, she is working on her next project.


Here I am a few years ago. And yes that is a Bloody Mary in my hand. I'm the chief story teller here and the one who pushes to get things done. So sometimes everyone is laughing with me and sometimes they are working from home keeping their distance. Oh Well. We'll see where janelle takes us next. 


Herme is our mad scientist here who makes the models and molds. He has been in the jewelry business for over 50 years and has helped us understand the process of molding and casting the jewelry pieces. He casts all of the gold and silver pieces in our store. Those tools are only half of what he has in the shop. He is my hero, he is 83 years old and still working, one of my goals in life.


Rob has his own jewelry store in Lantana, Florida called Ruby's. If you're in Palm Beach County stop by and say hello. I met Rob through Herme. He does our 3D printing, buffs and polishes the silver and gold and then sets our diamonds.  

Our Story

 janelle and I met when we lived in the Virgin Islands.  She flew in from Michigan, I was from New York. 
We were both searching for sunshine year around, beautiful beach's and a place to sink our toes in the sand.
We met, fell in love and knew The Virgin Islands was the perfect spot to live and work for 20+ years.  

We ended up back in the states and after a couple of moves we missed the ocean and sandy beaches we thought of daily were once again calling us and we landed in Palm Beach County on the east coast of Florida.  There are many Ex Virgin Islanders who live in Florida on both coasts, north and south!  So we were able to see friends again and were happy to have picked West Palm Beach as our home.  Close to the Intracoastal and just over the bridge to the beautiful ocean.
Living in the Caribbean & Florida over the years has taught us to respect the environment from the ocean and all of the beautiful creatures in it, to the beautiful land here in Florida, the amazing Everglades and how important it is to all of us here. We are blessed with the abundance of exotic birds, plants, and flowers that we sometimes take for granted. And then of course, there are so many amazing people from all over the world here. There is so much to be learned from the different cultures and many people we can now call friends.

As we move forward we hope to partner with more creative people and offer more one of a kind jewelry, casual accessories and accessible fashion created and produced right here in West Palm Beach & the USA.


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